Devotional Zine & iPhone Wallpaper {downloads}

Happy Due Date to me!! This morning, as a small mini celebration I took myself on a nice relaxing coffee date to Petite Marie Bette. I enjoyed some journaling, reading my Bible, and listening to The Pastcast Podcast. I’ve been finding lots of joy in designing superfluous graphics in Canva recently. Yesterday I shared myContinue reading “Devotional Zine & iPhone Wallpaper {downloads}”

Simple Supper: a short cookbook/guide

I love to cook! I love to try new ingredients, I enjoy pushing myself with new techniques and methods, I enjoy buying fancy kitchen equipment! Robbie, on the hand, does not. He’s given cooking a couple of tries in the time we’ve been together and just hasn’t quite found the joy in it like IContinue reading “Simple Supper: a short cookbook/guide”

This One’s for the Girls

Writer Marlee Grace included this IG post in her most recent newsletter Monday Monday and it instantly sent me into a country music spiral. Especially women of country! Maybe it’s all the extra hormones coursing through my veins but these powerful songs from some of the greatest women in country music have just been hittingContinue reading “This One’s for the Girls”

Texas Sheet Cake, a taste of childhood

As I mentioned yesterday, today we’ve been hit with a wintery storm. Snow, sleet, rain, and wind all included. One upside is that we’re enjoying our fireplace once more today! The wintery weather made us stay home today, which meant I had ample time to bake! I’ve been on an almond kick lately and finallyContinue reading “Texas Sheet Cake, a taste of childhood”