Approaching Romans 1 & 2 with boldness! I find it so hard to approach this text with all the baggage I bring to any scripture regarding judgement. Reminding myself that “…for Paul grace creates faith and faith creates obedience.” -Scot McKnight

This sermon from Nadia Bolz-Weber really hit home for me – **I also am done!** I look forward to sharing quotes from her sermon with my college ministry Bible Studies. I especially love the inclusion of the prayer from Don’t Look Up. | [Between Exhaustion and The Deep: a sermon on simple faith in shittyContinue reading

Normally I just read 1 book at a time but somehow I’ve started off this new year with multiple books 📚 Brothers K for our bookclub, Lonesome Dove for fun, (and to read alongside some family members,) and The Body on Kindle so I have something to read in the middle of the night