Texas Sheet Cake, a taste of childhood

As I mentioned yesterday, today we’ve been hit with a wintery storm. Snow, sleet, rain, and wind all included. One upside is that we’re enjoying our fireplace once more today! The wintery weather made us stay home today, which meant I had ample time to bake! I’ve been on an almond kick lately and finallyContinue reading “Texas Sheet Cake, a taste of childhood”

Spring + a short playlist

Albemarle County has just dipped into the CDC “medium risk” aka no masking required level which throughly excites me. As a long time mask hater, (but vax lover!) I am thrilled to think about returning to church without a mask. Church being pretty much the only place I was still required to wear one. TomorrowContinue reading “Spring + a short playlist”

Alice Waters + Wal-mart

We currently find ourselves in the season of Lent, the 40 46 days leading up to Easter, the day we celebrate the resurrected Christ. Lent is typically associated with fasting, although almsgiving and prayer are longstanding Lenten traditions as well. For myself this year I decided to give up processed foods and to try andContinue reading “Alice Waters + Wal-mart”

California Trip | February 2022

Back home after a wonderful trip to Southern California. It took me a couple days to share any more photos or updates because 1) I was tired and jet lagged and 2) I wanted to post on my new WordPress Blog! I wanted to move away from Micro.blog because, as simple and easy as itContinue reading “California Trip | February 2022”

South Orange County | Memory Lane

We spent Wednesday driving around South OC exploring our old neighborhood. We saw the school I used to work at, we had coffee with a friend, drove past our old apartment & [@robertsapunarich](https://micro.blog/robertsapunarich)’s childhood home, lunch at our favorite place – Board and Brew, bought some Trader Joe’s brand liquor to bring back with us,Continue reading “South Orange County | Memory Lane”

Thankful for some wonderful meals with friends the past couple of days. I’m excited to leave bright and early tomorrow for a combo Texas + California trip but in my heart I’m already looking forward to being back home in Charlottesville ❤️

Started Simplicity Parenting this morning and, after getting about 15 pages in, I can already say I think I’m going to be very moved by it! | “Every stage in a family’s evolution can benefit from a little more space and grace, a little less speed and clutter.”