Bookish: My Theological Journey

A couple days ago Robbie and I had a discussion about our theological journeys through the years. I asked him what book defined his first few years of being interested in God, personal faith, theology, etc. and what book or author would define him now. Interestingly (or maybe not?) we both said Blue Like JazzContinue reading “Bookish: My Theological Journey”

Tender Defeat, Holy Week Reflection

A post shared by Kellen Pocock (@kellenpocock) on Mar 26, 2019 at 5:19pm PDT Holy Week reflection Kellen Pocock Art Show at Hopper and Burr This past Friday evening Kellen debuted his newest piece, Tender Defeat, a bright and deeply moving digital illustration. While I was asking Kellen about the message behind this piece heContinue reading “Tender Defeat, Holy Week Reflection”

Something Lenten This Way Comes

Something I have written lots about is my somewhat complicated church history, as we enter into this Lenten season I want to take some time to reflect on how my experiences in church have shaped me, and how I envision myself expressing myself though worship moving forward. “Set out, pilgrim. Set out into the freedomContinue reading “Something Lenten This Way Comes”

In The Name of Jesus; Thoughts on Being Relevant.

This Regenternship book was short and to the point, I hope this blog does it just a sliver of justice. If you have a few spare hours I highly recommend this short wonderful book.  _____________ It’s not often that I finish a Christian book, a leadership book, or a book with a very boring coverContinue reading “In The Name of Jesus; Thoughts on Being Relevant.”

The Blue Parakeet

Book four for my Regenternship is a book cutely titled The Blue Parakeet.  It’s not about bird varieties, and it’s not a cute children’s book either. The Blue Parakeet exists as an avenue for Christians to question “How are we to live out the Bible today?” “I believe we need to begin asking this questionContinue reading “The Blue Parakeet”

2015 Top 25 || Year in Review

Today is my birthday, today I turned 25! To celebrate another year on earth and the ending of a pretty perfect year I thought I’d do something never before done on this blog: a year in review list!  2015 started out big with a road trip to Oakland with my mom. With very little problems,Continue reading “2015 Top 25 || Year in Review”

Chapter 7 + 8 Thoughts on Heaven & Liturgy

I’m back! After more than a week away from writing I am back. Last week seemed to be full every second of everyday. I was emceeing the second annual Regeneration Christmas Coffeehouse event, I had a busy week at school, I had coffee dates, and housemate dates, I was reading another book, I was livingContinue reading “Chapter 7 + 8 Thoughts on Heaven & Liturgy”

Chapter 4 + 5 – The Wilderness

I am finally home in Oakland. It’s weird to call Oakland home, but it does feel like home. My friends and life and church and Target and coffee shops and support groups are here. I love Oakland and I love my life, but goodness time is slipping away quickly. Over the Thanksgiving break I wasContinue reading “Chapter 4 + 5 – The Wilderness”

Chapter three – Everyone Gets to Play

What questions of theology have you repeatedly struggled to answer? Do any of Sarah’s ring a bell in your life? Much like Sarah I have often struggled with questions in my faith. I tend to want things to be tidy and organized, all fitting in a nice box, Christianity is messy. It’s arms reach outContinue reading “Chapter three – Everyone Gets to Play”

Third Space Sanctity

A latte from one of my favorite places:Local Coffee on Broadway in SATX For me, my “third space” has always been a coffee shop. Not a Starbucks, but a local shop bent on bringing joy and quality ingredients to it’s patrons. There is nothing inherently wrong with Starbucks, they are great at what they do, but they aren’t what I consider aContinue reading “Third Space Sanctity”