Bookish: My Theological Journey

A couple days ago Robbie and I had a discussion about our theological journeys through the years. I asked him what book defined his first few years of being interested in God, personal faith, theology, etc. and what book or author would define him now. Interestingly (or maybe not?) we both said Blue Like JazzContinue reading “Bookish: My Theological Journey”

Tender Defeat, Holy Week Reflection

A post shared by Kellen Pocock (@kellenpocock) on Mar 26, 2019 at 5:19pm PDT Holy Week reflection Kellen Pocock Art Show at Hopper and Burr This past Friday evening Kellen debuted his newest piece, Tender Defeat, a bright and deeply moving digital illustration. While I was asking Kellen about the message behind this piece heContinue reading “Tender Defeat, Holy Week Reflection”

Moving from Moral to Mystical, Henri Nouwen

In response to our current national landscape I have become increasingly passionate about God’s unwavering reaction to our sinful nature –“unconditional and unlimited love.” The grace and forgiveness of God are truly profound and sweeping. In response to this love we should in-turn offer grace and forgiveness to everyone.  Excerpt from In the Name of JesusContinue reading “Moving from Moral to Mystical, Henri Nouwen”

In The Name of Jesus; Thoughts on Being Relevant.

This Regenternship book was short and to the point, I hope this blog does it just a sliver of justice. If you have a few spare hours I highly recommend this short wonderful book.  _____________ It’s not often that I finish a Christian book, a leadership book, or a book with a very boring coverContinue reading “In The Name of Jesus; Thoughts on Being Relevant.”