Fleeting Veggies {Wallpaper download}

Yesterday when I picked up our weekly Bellair Farm CSA veggies we received a couple fun and unique specimen: fennel bulbs and some garlic scrapes. Fennel I’m quite familiar with, but I wasn’t sure what to do with the fronds. I know they’re edible, but I had a better idea! After lobbing the fronds offContinue reading “Fleeting Veggies {Wallpaper download}”

Devotional Zine & iPhone Wallpaper {downloads}

Happy Due Date to me!! This morning, as a small mini celebration I took myself on a nice relaxing coffee date to Petite Marie Bette. I enjoyed some journaling, reading my Bible, and listening to The Pastcast Podcast. I’ve been finding lots of joy in designing superfluous graphics in Canva recently. Yesterday I shared myContinue reading “Devotional Zine & iPhone Wallpaper {downloads}”